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Bag Sealers
At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of bag sealers. We carry a full line of bag sealing equipment from small impulse bag sealers up to high-speed rotary bag sealers.
Banding Equipment

At 3G Packaging, we offer Bandall, a premium series of banding equipment

The stand-alone range of Bandall banding/labeling equipment offers flexibility with standard arch widths and heights and channel widths accommodating various band widths (from 20 to 100 mm). The Bandall banding equipment can be used for a manual feed process as well as integrated into automated productions lines. The high quality Bandall banding equipment offers accuracy, reliability and speed all with low operational and energy costs.

Bandall banding equipment offers:

  • Accurate, rapid and reliable as a result of the patented band transport system
  • Environmentally friendly through reduced use of material and extremely thin paper/film
  • Produces safe, damage-free seal making packages tamper evident
  • Odour and smoke free due to “Ultra Clean Seal” system
  • Low energy costs
  • Low operational costs
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Cutting edge positioning system
  • Produces eye-catching labels to increase selectability from shelf
  • Standard label widths are 28, 40, 48, 60, 75 and 100 mm
Case Erectors

At 3G Packaging we specialize in new and used case erecting equipment. From semi automatic to fully automatic as well as high speed fully auto case erectors, we have the case forming solution you require.

3G Packaging is an authorized distributor for the Little David brand of case erectors from Loveshaw, the Bell line of semi auto erectors from Wexxar as well as the Wexxar line of case formers and also the Interpack line of case formers. Contact us for your new or used case forming requirements.

Case Sealers

At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of case sealers.

We offer Loveshaw, Wexxar, BEL and Highlight case sealers. With the choice of either tape or glue these systems are designed to work with uniform or random box sizes carton sealing equipment with rugged construction. The systems are designed to dependable and inexpensive to meet your most demanding requirements. Change over is very quick and easy.


3G can supply you with an individual conveyor or a complete conveyor system designed to fit your individual requirements. Belt conveyors, chain conveyors, plastic belt conveyors, belt driven live roller, chain driven live roller, line-shaft conveyors, transfers, accumulation, sorters, vertical conveyors, turntables, scissor lifts and/or gravity conveyor we can match our systems to your requirements.

Our knowledgeable team can provide assistance in design and layout. We can help you with the budgetary information to complete system commissioning. We can assist you in the proper selection of the right equipment and control packages for your requirements. We can provide full electrical installation and mechanical services of our systems.

Detection Equipment

At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of detection equipment and x-ray systems for food manufacturing and packaging

We provide detection equipment and x-ray inspection systems that ensure product safety and integrity in order to avoid product recalls and customer complaints. Detection equipment and x-ray systems help manufacturers to achieve compliance with HACCP and retailer requirements as well as national and international regulations.


At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of feeders, counters and collators.

We carry the Thiele Streamfeeder line of feeders. We also carry a wide selection of counters, collators and placers.

These products help your production line – from counting small paint chip cards to dispensing clamshells at high speeds.

Industrial Inkjet Printers

At 3G packaging we stock the Little David brand of case coding ink jet printers from Loveshaw. Whether you require high resolution multi line coding or single line dot matrix date coding the Little David line of carton printers is a cost effective and reliable option for all your case marking needs.

Industrial Scale Systems

At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of industrial scales.

We provide a full range of industrial scales for verification and counting. Our industrial scale systems range from stand-alone scale systems to full inline PLC verification and inventory management systems that are fast, simple to use, and easy to read.

Labelling Systems

At 3G Packaging we carry the Little David brand of case labelling equipment from Loveshaw. From application only to high resolution print and apply label applicators the Little David line of in line carton labelling equipment is a proven brand of label application equipment. Contact us for all your case labelling needs whether they be simple date coding or product specific label requirements.

Lift Tables

At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of lift tables.

Lift tables are used to raise and position materials for a worker, to reduce potential injuries. We carry several lines of Lift Tables and Scissor Lift equipment including: Southworth, Bishamon Econo Lift and Mobile, with a variety of heights and features to suit all of your needs.

Material Handling Equipment

At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of in-stock material handling equipment.

We offer a complete range of material handling equipment solutions including work stations and components, shelving and racking, tape, label and pallet wrap dispensers, order picking carts, pallet trucks, walkies, stackers, lift tables and more.

Pallet Handling Systems

3G offers systems for pallet splitting, exchanging and dispensing

We are committed to solving our customers logistics challenges. We take pride in knowing that more and more companies are acknowledging that QTEK products are the safest, easiest, and most flexible solution to efficiently separate, stack and combine layers of products.

Our line of material handling systems includes the D-Stacker GS, The Bomber, The PalletX and PalletX cPAK, a low level pallet transfer system - which reduces the time required and the costs with the pallet exchange operation.


  • Damage reduction of pallets, reduction of wood chips on warehouse floor.
  • Wood gets stuck in load bearing wheels, it’s the #1 damage cost of walkies, taking walkies out of service (on average every 10 -30 days) increase cost to operations.
  • ROI on average user of D-Stacker is 74 years.
  • Reducing walkie/truck operators down time, no getting off walkie/truck to grab pallets.
  • Ministry of Labor (drastically reducing work compensation claims) applies to the 74-year payback.
  • Man handling pallets is a major cause inquiry in warehouse.
  • Reducing pallet stacks that are unstable.
Pallet Wrap Equipment

At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of pallet equipment.

We carry a full line of pallet stretch wrapping equipment including Cousins Packaging Inc. We carry pallet wrap equipment ranging from semi-automatic pallet wrappers to fully automatic systems. We have over 20 standard models for you to select from for your pallet wrap requirements.

Shrink Systems
At 3G Packaging we are experts in shrink packaging systems of all makes. From semi auto L-bars and tunnels from Damark or fully automatic and high-speed systems from Shanklin we have your shrink-packaging solution. Whether new or used, at 3G Packaging we carry a large variety of equipment in stock in our showroom at all times. Whatever your shrink equipment requirement may be 3G Packaging Corp. has the solution to fulfill your needs.
Shrink Wrap Machines

At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of in-stock shrink wrap machines.

We are one of the largest shrink wrap machine distributors in Canada. We carry a complete range of shrink wrap machine packaging equipment solutions including semi- automatic and fully automatic. The shrink wrap machines we carry can handle shrink wrapping from 5 up to 100 packages per minute. Our selection of shrink wrapping equipment also come in a wide range of product lengths and shapes. Popular options include side sealers, L-bar sealers, bundle and sleeve wrappers, horizontal and vertical wrappers and one-step seal and shrink systems.

Strapping Equipment

We offer a complete range of strapping solutions, all hand strapping tools – manual or battery operated, as well as simple automatic tabletop units for boxes and bundles to fully automatic, inline conveyorized systems for palletized loads.

Tape Dispensers

At 3G Packaging, we offer a wide selection of in-stock tape dispensers.

We have a full line of tape dispensers designed for any application. From water-activated, gummed, Kraft or carton sealing tapes to our hand held 2" & 3" manual tape dispensers. Electric and electronic definite length tape machines are designed to increase operator productivity, reduce material costs, dispense tape to consistent lengths, reduce operator fatigue, and provide straight cuts for better looking taped products and packages.

Work Stations

Heavy duty, modular workstations and ergonomic accessories are the ideal fit in to any workspace.

As the industry changes, our superior product lines continue to accommodate to meet the changing needs of the industry.

All furniture components are modified to enhance new technology and new equipment. New monitor mounts now allow the user to position a flat screen computer monitor at the correct height and position to conduct their everyday tasks. CPU holders now accommodate a smaller footprint and keep your computer out of the way. Pull-out trays have been incorporated to allow easy access to printers. Power bars have been designed with proper mounting brackets to bring power to the work surface and updated storage accessories have been tailored to accommodate slat-wall and specialty rails to keep important hardware and parts at an attainable reach for the user.

Contact us for information on a custom system that fits your workspace.


  • Far Less Costly Than Replacement
  • New Upgrades Can Be Added – Enhancing Performance
  • Identify Area Needing Preventative Maintenance
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improve Safety Features

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