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The Shanklin A27A - Workhorse of the Shanklin family

The Shanklin A27 has been the workhorse of the Shanklin family for many years. For anyone needing to overwrap a product for tamper evidence, bundling two or more products or to help preserve freshness, the A27 can handle it.

The Shanklin A27 is an intermittent motion, fully automatic L-Bar sealer capable of speeds of up to 30 packages per minute. The standard A27 is capable of wrapping an 8-inch high package but is also available with a 10-inch opening option.

Coupled with a Shanklin T7H tunnel, these two machines will give you many years of worry free, reliable service and a steady 25-30 packages per minute.

Shanklin has now taken the “workhorse A27A” and refined it even further.

Welcome to the Shanklin A27I! The new A27I has all the great features of the A27A along with some new added features making it, even more, user-friendly and now “intuitive” as well.
Yes, the “I” stands for intuitive. The new Shanklin HMI on the A27I makes the operator interface very user friendly. Set up is much easier for a new operator with the intuitive HMI interface.

Shanklin also has several great options for the new A27I.

Great features such as dual infeed eyes allow for a greater range of products to be wrapped with ease, from low profile to 10 inch high products. Additionally, a light curtain can be added for wrapping very irregular items such as broccoli crowns or cauliflower heads.

An adjustable-height L-Bar feature is also a great asset. If you need to wrap a small low profile product the L-Bar can be closed to just above the product height, allowing for greater speeds of up to 30 packs per minute.

Another great option available for the A27I is the closing conveyor. This option closes the gap between the infeed conveyor and the sealing conveyor, allowing the A27I to wrap very short and or small products with ease.

Another great feature of the Shanklin A27I is the powered film unwind system. The film unwind system is critical in today's world of ever-thinner films. Without a very good film delivery system, you will not achieve the higher wrap speeds reliably. Secondly, the very thin films of today would tear causing downtime, along with many product rejects causing film waste and time wasted for rewrapping products.

The Shanklin A27 is a proven, fully automatic, intermittent motion shrink wrap system that will deliver years of worry-free and reliable shrink wrapping capabilities.

Whether you need to wrap a deck of cards, a tray of muffins, a box of frozen steaks or a head of broccoli. The Shanklin A27 help you get your product to market properly wrapped and sealed, in a timely and very efficient production environment.

We at 3G Packaging Corp. Stand behind the Shanklin brand and the reliability of the A27. We generally always have at least one A27 in our showroom available for sale, lease or even monthly rental.

If you need to shrink wrap your product, consider the great capabilities of the Shanklin A27I.

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