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New Equipment VS. Used Equipment? DON’T BE SCARED!

Written by: Wally Schaly

Should you purchase new equipment versus used equipment? A great question and the latter option can seem very daunting.

Most used equipment sellers sell anything from good condition, running order used equipment, down to the dregs dug up from a derelict warehouse (with the roof caving in on it). Much of the used equipment we bring in, is like new and still has 75-80% of its first life left. Much of this equipment is sourced from plant shutdowns, product changes or automation by our current clients. Many pieces also come from trade-ins, as our clients upgrade to faster or automatic equipment. This gives us the opportunity to recycle it.

At 3G Packaging we wanted to take a whole new approach to the market of used equipment. We decided to bring in only fair condition pieces that could be rebuilt and brought to an operational status, that is the same as new. On top of that – we stand behind our equipment by offering a warranty. I know… hard to believe but yes, it is true. Oh yes, and the warranty comes in writing! By doing this we have taken all the previous doubts and concerns – and eliminated them.

Every piece of used equipment we offer in our showroom has gone through our service department, to be torn apart and checked thoroughly – new bearings, belts and whatever else was needing to be replaced. Other than the frame, it is now essentially like new and also comes with a warranty. Did I say that already? So yes – we completely stand behind our used equipment. So don’t be scared!

In today’s world of a US exchange rate of approximately 30-35%; where by the way, most of our packaging equipment comes from today – new capital equipment is very expensive. This makes used equipment even more attractive. The next advantage in purchasing used equipment from 3G, is not waiting the usual 8 to 10-week delivery period for a new piece of equipment. Since we have already rebuilt it and it now resides proudly in our 4000 square-foot showroom – you can purchase (or rent it) for immediate delivery. Yes, I did mention rent! What better way to test a used piece of equipment, than to rent it for a month or two to see if it really fits in your packaging line and does what you want it to do. How many times have you purchased a new case sealer, pallet wrapper or shrink system – only to find out that it does not quite meet all of your requirements? Once you have paid the money – its yours, there’s no going back. Whereas if you had rented it you could have returned it and then found the correct piece for you, now knowing what you did not know before.

Even if we do not have stock of what you are looking for, we can search on your behalf through our vast network of equipment pickers to find exactly what you need. We will then run it through our shop and refurbish it, just as if we had it in stock.

Now you know, purchasing or renting used equipment is a great way to update, enhance or speed up your current packaging line or warehouse. We know that it is very important to have a partner you can trust – so the next time you are thinking of a new piece of packaging equipment, contact us or drop by and visit our showroom. Even if you’re just looking for more information or advice – we are more than happy to be of assistance. Our showroom inventory changes constantly, so there is always something new to see!

So next time… don’t be scared of a used piece of equipment.

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